Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's Wave Watching Time for Orange County!

**First off, let me put a warning out… ocean waves can be very dangerous and what I am recommending is NOT swimming in them right now, but merely checking them out for the fun of it from a safe viewing place!**

With monstrous waves heading at the OC beaches right now, I thought it would be fun to try and catch a neat sunset at Aliso Creek Beach tonight. Well, I managed to get one out of two of those goals accomplished tonight (the cloud cover had come in so the sunset was obscured). I must say the waves were pretty cool and are predicted to remain this way through Saturday. Apparently there was a large storm in Tahiti and the waves are now reaching our shores as a result of it.

Well, whatever the cause it made for a total spur of the moment fun adventure for our family tonight! At about 7pm we decided to head down to Aliso Creek State Beach and check them out for ourselves. When we first arrived, the waves were okay… not too large, but not small either. Then shortly after I took this picture (sorry for the blurriness – I took it with my phone and was getting ready to run from the wave as it came at me!), I started to see the waves increase dramatically within no time. It was pretty cool, yet humbling at the same time. I would have gotten more photos, but there wasn’t enough light to capture anything by that time.

The waves kept getting larger and we moved off the sand just as a wave completely engulfed the entire beach area below the sidewalk! It was amazing, but eerie at the same time. We retreated to the play structure where the boys informed us that we were now playing “Deadliest Catch” and welcome aboard their sailing ship! And yes, I was busting up laughing at that. Love those moments!

Below is another photo I got of the campfires at the beach (brings back so many memories from my childhood!), I’ve wanted to have one with the boys, but just haven’t gotten to putting a check mark next to that one. For those keeping tabs… the waves came right up to these campfires about 15 minutes after I took the picture and everyone took cover on the sidewalk!
So, my recommendation? Go find a safe vantage point and check out the waves over the next day or two!
Have a great weekend!


JLC July 24, 2009 at 8:53 AM  

Awesome! I miss the beach days in San Diego. But those beaches have become quite crowded and polluted. *Sigh* The beaches up here are beautiful, but you can't really enjoy the water without a wetsuit! Brrr! :)

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