Saturday, July 25, 2009

Birthday Parties at Scooter's Jungle!

Once my boys started to reach Preschool age, I found I didn’t really want to have their birthday parties at home. It can be a bit overwhelming at first with the amount of options we have here in Orange County for hosting kids birthday parties, so I thought it would be helpful for parents to start profiling some of the places we have been to for parties and talk about the pros/cons of each place. I’d also like to share some of the tips I have learned for maintaining sanity while planning them!

If you live in South Orange County and have school aged kids, I would be shocked if you haven’t at least heard of Scooter’s Jungle if not been at a party there. Over the years, we have been to several parties there and hosted several of our own. Scooter’s Jungle really has the kid’s birthday party down to a science and makes for a low-stress party for the parents. For me, the biggest stress surrounding parties at Scooter’s Jungle, is how many kids will show up and making sure I have enough party favors for ones that don’t RSVP, but that is because I always choose to put together my own goodie bags. But, they even have a solution for that! If you buy the pre-made party favors from Scooter’s Jungle and you have more kids show up at the last minute, you can almost instantly have the extra party favors bags brought in to the party room, piece of cake! They have several different options for the party bags, including separate ones for boys and girls.

The parties at Scooter’s Jungle are about 1 ½ hours long depending on which arena you choose. I really love how you have the entire play area for just your party so you don’t have other children running through. This allows for hide-and-go seek games as well as other great games. I have found the designated party hosts to all be great with the kids and as the parent of the birthday child, you really have nothing to do but socialize. The hosts take care of everything from entertaining the kids to setting up the food you brought, to helping you organize the presents that come in.

Scooter’s Jungle is located in Aliso Viejo, Placentia and one in Valencia and their website is: . Pricing and contact information are listed on their site.

Things to note:
-Pizza must be ordered through Scooter’s Jungle, but the hosts will serve and provide plates, napkins, etc.
-You bring your own cake & candles, but they have a lighter and cake cutter.
-Do bring a veggie platter, fruit platter and other hand snacks, mostly for the parents to munch on.
-Book your party as far in advance as you can to secure your time and prevent scheduling issues.
-Drop-off parties are allowed - just be sure you have a few parents who plan on sticking around.
-Be prepared to have exhausted kids, this is one party that really tires them out.


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Wenni Donna May 13, 2016 at 12:34 AM  

Birthday Parties at Scooter's Jungle! Sounds great. I think it’s a fantastic place for kid’s parties. Thanks for these reviews. There are many party venues in NYC but I was looking for a kid’s special party venue. Would love to book one for my nephew’s birthday bash.

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