Monday, July 13, 2009

Educational Must-Have App for Kids!

As I am sure you have guessed by now, I have a new obsession – my iPhone. But I am proud to say that my iPhone has now crossed the threshold and become an educational asset! As I sat here this morning, raking my brain for ways to help my boys get ahead educationally over the summer without them feeling like I was cramming it in to them, it dawned on me… There must be an App for that! Sure enough there are and several of them at that!

Brett is now entering 2nd grade and one of our biggest hurdles this last year was his math skills. He is great at math and grasps concepts well, but our challenge was improving his speed for the testing. They practice something called “Rocket Math” in their classes. Rocket math is basically a half sheet full of 40 simple math problems (they have different levels of complexity) and the students are given one minute once a week to complete the test. First grade is more of a practice from my understanding, but second grade is s different story. Brett did a fantastic job of getting them correct, but was always falling a few problems short in the given time frame. I really needed a simple and fun way to give him the practice at home. I also knew that Kyle would also need the same practice this upcoming year.

After a brief search I found the Math Flash Cards by One Moxie App. Within minutes I had it installed (for a nominal 1.99 charge on iTunes) and had Brett practicing away on my iPhone. The Math Flash Cards App is basically just flash cards with multiple choice answers that keep accuracy and time. Exactly what we needed! After less than 15 minutes practicing Brett had increased his speed by 25%. It is completely customizable so you can set the number of cards, the difficulty and they type (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

I am a super busy working mom and something this is fantastic to be able to help my boys prepare for the next school year and save me time! Love it Love it Love it! It is a must have for all elementary aged kids!

Don't have an iPhone? Don't want to switch to AT&T? Buy an iPod Touch and you can use all the Apps without the hassle! You can buy one here:


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