Sunday, July 12, 2009

California Adventure's Wine Country Trattoria

I've walked by the Wine Country Trattoria at California Adventure many times and always meant to eat lunch or dinner there. I'm finally tired of the burgers and pizza at the various different locations and have decided to expand our horizons. :)

Last night we ventured in and were pleasantly surprised to have a less than 10 minute wait for a nice sit down dinner! The kids menu was great, and both of the kids ordered spaghetti. My husband chose the lasagna and I chose the soup of the day along with bruschetta salad. the standard bread was brought to the table with a fantastic whipped butter infused with tomato and a hint of white wine. That was a delicious surprise!

The service was fast, except for a little mistake of my order getting placed wrong, so I had a couple minutes of waiting for my salad to be brought out. This would have really annoyed me except for the waitress being extremely apologetic and obviously working to rectify it asap. But my soup and salad were fantastic and my husband loved the lasagna (which is a big deal because lasagna is one of his favorite dishes). If I hadn't been so full and the park about to close, I would have tried the Tiramasu (definitely my favorite dessert!).

And the price was very reasonable, about $40 for a family of four. We'll definitely eat there again and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for something nicer than the walk up windows and tray dining that prevails at most of the eateries at the parks.


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