Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dinner at the Red Bucket aka Terramor Water Park in Ladera Ranch

Last night I took my boys to do one of my favorite things… dinnertime at the Terramor Water Park in Ladera Ranch (aka the Red Bucket). We’ve found that going at 5:00 pm makes for a very enjoyable time as the crowds from a busy (and hot!) day at the water park are beginning to dissipate. The park closes at 7:00 pm (but for a reason I have yet to figure out they don’t actually blow the whistle and kick everyone out until 7:12 pm…). Going at this time is much less crowded; the sun isn’t as hot and with the park closing at 7, makes it much easier to convince the kids it is time to leave!

Also be aware if you are planning your arrival, departure and eating times, that there is a mandatory safety break every hour on the hour for exactly 10 minutes (also gives the Lifeguards a needed break). As a Mom, this is great because it gives you the opportunity to get more sunscreen on the kids during the day, give them some snacks, bathroom break or just an easy opportunity to exit without as much complaining from the kids!

Do be aware the if you go during the days (even weekdays) that the park can fill-up and you may not be able to find free chairs, so put a couple folding chairs in your car to use just in case. I’ve also see people bring their own easy up shade tent to set up on the grassy areas surrounding the park.

I like to bring a collection of snacks because the kids always get hungry, even if we aren’t going at a mealtime. PB & J sandwiches are always great. Washed grapes, cheese & crackers, cut fruit and carrot sticks are always great snacks to bring. Be sure to bring water or something to drink.

Other misc. info:
-There are four lifeguards on duty.

-You can reserve the covered picnic tables on weekends for birthday parties (must be a Ladera Resident)

-You need to be a Ladera resident (or accompanied by one) to enter the water park. Admission is always free.

-The water park is just after the third roundabout coming down O’Neill from Crown Valley Parkway. It will be hard to miss and on the right hand side.

-There are bathrooms, showers, first aid and vending machines on site (snack & drink).

-The deepest part of the pool is only about 2 feet!


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