Friday, July 9, 2010

Out in Theaters in Now - Despicable Me

Last night we had the chance to see an advance screening of Despicable Me.  Gotta say... it was a pretty funny movie.  It was full of the great one liners that parents will enjoy and kids will laugh at... but not necessarily understand what makes it so funny to adults. 

At the beginning of the movie I was a bit concerned about whether it would be good or not because it isn't "normal" to have a good kids movie based on an evil character. The story ended up being pretty moving and certainly a good story.  As far as kid movies go... we certainly enjoyed this one and I'd be more than happy to see it again (which says a lot in my book because I don't normally like watching movies more than once!).

If you happen to watch it in 3-D... be sure to linger in to watch the credits.  The minions were hilarious...

Despicable Me is out in theaters now.  For more video clips you can go here.

Below is a particularly funny clip from the movie
 and as per the request of my boys... they were laughing endlessly at this video mix clip we found:


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