Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No Mom, it is LOL, get it right!

There are days that my kids have me just busting up laughing with their one liners.  Yesterday was the perfect example.

The boys were in the back seat explaining to my husband how funny the movie Despicable Me was.  I nonchalantly turned to my husband and said, "Yeah, you really will laugh."

From the back seat I immediately heard, "NO MOM, it is Laugh Out Loud funny, geez." 

It was priceless.  I was of the generation before emoticons, LOL, ROTFLMAO, LMAO, etc.  Heck, it is my generation that created those!  Now I'm being lectured about using the proper social networking terms by my 6 year old!  How did he even know? 

What are some of your favorite new terms that have come about through social networking?  I must admit I use the :) and the ;) far too often.  But I've recently become a fan of 8:o)  Can anyone guess what it is?


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