Monday, July 5, 2010

Baby Shower Gift Idea

It sure seems like everyone around me is having babies!  The downside to that is I'm getting a real feel for what my "gift" style is!  Since I can't pull out gorgeous clothes out of my collection (*ahem* just a little envious here of Momfluential!), I'm not really the type to give baby clothes at baby showers unless the Mom to be specifically mentions it (which I have seen a couple times this season). I tend to be the item giving type and I like to make it something that borders on unique (to get the cool/memorable factor in) yet highly functional.  In the past I've given baby wearing slings because both my boys practically lived in them for their first year.  

Recently I met the creators of Lulyboo and instantly knew that was going to become my standard new mom gift!  Talk about versatile!  It's an easily portable (folds up in to a little backpack) infant lounge.  It is FANTASTIC for the busy mom on the go.  It gives the baby its own familiar and safe place to take naps whether you are at a hotel, at the park, at daycare, at the beach, at grandparents house or just over at a friends house (trying to maintain a social life with a new baby!). If I have a third child I could definitely see this being one of my most treasured baby items, right up there with the baby sling.  

You can buy the LulyBoo here at ToysRus or at Bergstroms if you are in SoCal. Or become a fan on Facebook for specials (including more unique & fun pattern).  You can also find out more about LulyBoo and their other products here.


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