Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lego Harry Potter - A Favorite in our House!

We love the the Lego Video games around our house... so as I'm sure you have guessed we purchased the Lego Harry Potter game as soon as it came out.  The boys have happily been cruising through the levels and we've had many family video game nights already.  But if your house is like ours... the cheat codes come in handy to give you that boost (like invincibility and score multipliers) to keep the younger kids from getting as frustrated with the games. 

Here are some of the cheat codes we have found handy for this game so far:
  • Character Token Detector HA79V8
  • Fall Rescue ZEX7MV
  • Character Studs H27KGC
  • Score x2 74YKR7
  • Score x4 J3WHNK
  • Score x6 XK9ANE
  • Score x8 HUFV2H
  • Score x10 H8X69Y
  • Stud Magnet 67FKWZ
  • Regenerate Hearts 89ML2W
  • Extra Hearts J9U6Z9
  • Invincibility QQWC6B
  • Red Brick Detector 7AD7HE
  • Hogwarts Crest Detector TTMC6D
  • Gold Brick Detector 84QNQN
  • Christmas T7PVVN
  • Fast Magic FA3GQA
  • Fast Dig Z9BFAD
Harry Potter Years 1-4 is available on Xbox, Nintendo Wii and PS3.



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