Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Two Long One Short Means Send Starbucks

At about the time you are reading this I will be up in the mountains far from technology (that means no hair dryer, no email, no wifi and no texting!). I'm chaperoning my son's 5th grade class as they go on their Outdoor Ed camping trip.  I'm a tad bit worried about what I've gotten myself in to... but we can be sure it will be an experience to remember.

I've already jokingly alerted people that if I revert to my Native American heritage and resort to sending smoke signals from the mountains (that we can see in the distance from our house) - 1 long, 2 short means send decent food, 2 long one short means send Starbucks.

I hope I have stock piled enough sanity for the next three days, kidding, kinda.  But at least we are staying in cabins, not tents as my wise friend pointed out.  We are still using sleeping bags and bringing our own pillows.  The chaperones are bringing our own cars to haul the luggage, so I *might* have a hidden stash of protein bars in my car...

I'm excited to be going, it will definitely be a fun adventure... but I am totally dreading the mountain of email I know I will be coming home to!

Make sure you enter all three giveaways I have up while I'm gone... and keep an eye out because I'll have a Dermalogica giveaway next week.  Have a great week everyone!


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