Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yesterday we said goodbye to the praying mantis...

Yesterday we said goodbye to the praying mantis.  Kyle's heart was broken (still is).  He tried so hard not to cry, but the tears in his eyes and the absence of overflowing exuberance he always has about him was missing. 

You see, the praying mantis and I had come to an agreement.  He was allowed in the house as long as he stayed in his terrarium and ate the crickets before they escaped. 

The last few days he didn't look very healthy and I was a bit worried.  The praying mantis had quite an adventure before ending up in our house and we really didn't know how old it was.  We really weren't sure how long he would last.

He was already not doing very well (his color didn't look good and he wasn't as active as he had been) and when Kyle added in the crickets he had just purchased - they turned on him.   That was the end of it for the praying mantis.

Kyle wasn't able to rescue the praying mantis until it was too late.  After a few tears were shed, Brett and Kyle decided it was important to bury the praying mantis in the yard, complete with its own headstone...  seen in the picture above.  It was the closest they could create to a cross out of sticks.

I don't know what animal or creature will next arrive as a pet in our house... but I'm sure the adventure has only just begun...


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