Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mickey's Halloween Party Guide

Mickey's Halloween Party was so much fun!  Have you gone yet?  We go every year and one of the things I have found is that it is just like Disneyland - it's virtually impossible to see everything in one trip!  

Disneyland has added so many new features and things to do at the huge Halloween party that I was almost overwhelmed.  My recommendation is to make a plan before you go.  

Are you going to find some of the endless Halloween fun like these amazing carved pumpkins we found at the Big Thunder Ranch ?

Are you going to dance the night away at one of the amazing dance party hot spots like this one we found at the Jedi Training Academy?

Are you going to load up on candy (and oh man can you load up on candy!) at one of the dozens of trick or treat stations? Be sure to find the treat trails located throughout the park.  The lines move fast and you load way up on all sorts of yummy treats!

Are you going to ride Ghost Galaxy or Haunted Mansion that are all themed out for Halloween?

Are you going to watch the Halloween Cavalcade?

Or are your most excited to see the Halloween Fireworks extravaganza?  This one happens to be my absolute favorite.  

One of the things I love about the trick or treating at Disneyland is the availability of the healthier options like the below dried apple yumminess we got this year in addition to carrots, raisins and more.

My boys dressed up as the Ghost Busters and we spent lots of time pretending to capture the large Mickey ghosts around the park!

Whatever you go for, you are guaranteed to have a memorable night full of Halloween festivities.  But be sure to create a plan so you don't run out of time for the night and miss out on something you really wanted to experience.  And as for candy?  Yeah, you'll come home with tons of it without needing to try very hard, but in case you feel low on candy, there is always the last minute candy treat station at the exit. Our goal for the night isn't the candy, it's the other fun we have.

There are still several nights upcoming to go for the Mickey's Halloween Party.  Be sure to check availability and purchase special event tickets here.


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