Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween has taken on a new meaning in our family...

We crossed an important milestone in our household this Halloween.  No longer is trick or treating for hours on end the activity of choice for my boys.

As Halloween approached I just had this feeling that the same excitement level wasn't there.  A couple of nights before, we took a family vote and my husband was shocked at the result (me... not so shocked), the kids voted to spend one hour trick or treating around the neighborhood and to spend the rest of the evening at home watching Ghost Hunters Live event on the Sci Fi channel (thanks to Ghost Hunters, the Flix heat vision camera in now on the Christmas Wish lists!). 

We stocked up on homemade fresh pop corn and chips and settled in for the night after our one hour of trick or treating.  Everyone in the house was content.

And by the way we found that Kit Kat bars we the most common handout of the night around our neighborhood, how about yours?


Unknown November 2, 2010 at 11:25 AM  

My older kids (16 &17) can take or leave Halloween. My 11 year old wanted to head out and gathered her candy loot all over the place. We had so many kids this year I ran out of candy in one hour and had to go get more. I think we went through eight bags.

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