Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Razors are the must have for childhood

We recently had the chance to attend an amazing 10th anniversary event for Razor.  You know, those things that are practically replacing bikes as the childhood staple...

Razor rides in our family have become a daily ritual, I really don't remember what life was like before my boys had them.  Ok, I do.  I remember the first day they got them, you'd think they were riding skateboards for the first time or something.  I was nervous beyond belief but quickly realized that the Razors were pretty safe.  It all came down to kids understanding that when they started to lose their balance or go to fast, the best thing to do is step off on to the ground!  Problem solved.  The big difference between the Razor and a skateboard is this "skateboard" had handle bars!  It didn't take long for the boys to get really good at using them and made it possible for us to go on much longer family walks around the neighborhood because they wouldn't tire out.

Here in South OC, many kids also ride their Razors to school because at least at our local school, there just isn't enough parking.  Riding Razors to schools has become the way many kids get to school.  (I'm sure there is a video somewhere on YouTube of me riding the Razors home in my business clothes after dropping the kids off at school.  Please don't track it down.).

I thought my kids were getting pretty good on their Razors until we had the chance to check out Team Razor doing tricks at the picnic.  It's truly amazing what these kids can do!

One of the things I didn't know was how many new kids of products Razor has been coming out with.  Talk about cool!  My kids fell in love with the Rip Rider 360.  Everyone tried to explain to me what it was and words really don't explain it.  So here's Brett showing off what I call the tricked out trike for big kids:
With products like the Sole Skate (like a skateboard but fits in a backpack), the Seige and many many more fun scooters and ride-ons, your family is sure to have hours and hours of fun together.

(* Psst... I'm going to be giving away a Razor product later this month... But I'd really like your opinions as to which product you'd like to win.  Head on over here and tell me which Razor product is your favorite!)

*I received a complimentary Razor product for attending the event, but the opinions expressed in this post are completely my own.


Si November 10, 2010 at 8:38 AM  

They look like real fun, we have not tried these out in my family, but you have made them seem quite appealing!

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