Sunday, October 18, 2009

What's in Your Wallet When Going to DL?

I may just be the last person on the planet to have noticed that all the carts at Disneyland now accept credit cards! Finally! It has been a royal pain over the years having to check that I had $11 in cash in my wallet for purchasing two of the souvenir pop corn tubs before going to Disneyland (yeah... going as often as we do...)!!! As evidenced by my recent post on using the tubs for birthday party favors, it has been a frequent problem...

So you'll imagine my surprise when I walked up to the cart the other night to find that not only had the price gone up by 25 cents, but atleast now I could pay with my debit card and no longer worry about it! Yippee!

After further interogation I discovered that most of the carts accept credit cards now (FYI you've been able to use credit cards for a long time for parking... Always a last minute panic for me when going to a new theme park because I'm not one to carry much cash!)

Thanks for making it just a bit easier to spend money Mickey!!!


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