Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yes We Bought a Snuggie

I came home the other night to find a children’s Snuggie had been purchased for our household. Yes, you read that right … apparently we (meaning my husband) were suckered in to buying one of them. (Let me know when you finish laughing) Somehow over the last few months I had resisted the constant requests from my sons to purchase one. It was plain as day to me that they were simply a marketing gimmick not worth the $14.99 to purchase the thing. But the requests were constant. I guess my husband just finally gave in, much to my chagrin. My husband’s response to my “Are you kidding?” looks were quite simple, “Well he wanted it.” Thanks dear.

What is it about the Snuggie that is so appealing? I must admit the curiosity had been getting to me. My children didn’t have blankets they became attached to (like I did), so I’m still confused as to why he was fixated on the Snuggie. Well I can now honestly tell you… I still don’t get it and now I can say we have one! (Kudos to the marketing team of the Snuggie, you have done your job well)

It is currently sitting neatly tucked away on a shelf in the kids’ room, the excitement long gone. The appeal of a backwards oversized kids robe is still lost on me… Anyone want to buy a barely used Snuggie? I’ll give you a fantastic deal!

In case you too have the urge to buy a snuggie... here's a link!

What items have you given in to purchasing that your kids begged you for only to be forgotten within a day or two?


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