Thursday, August 20, 2009

Earthquake Prep for Parents

I’m not sure why Earthquakes and other Natural Disasters are on my mind right now, but I’ve learned to just go with it and make use of those intuitive moments. Having lived in the SF Bay Area during the ’89 quake, I learned all too well how Earthquakes and other Natural Disasters can come out of nowhere, you need to prepare ahead of time. I’d rather take a few minutes and grab a First Aid kit here and there to give myself the peace of mind in case something does happen. Let’s just face it, as parents, there are plenty of opportunities to “raid” the First Aid kit over time as boo boo’s and accidents always happen.

Just yesterday I was at the park with my kids when I heard an adult say “Oh dang! That hurts!” I took the opportunity to ask if she was okay and if she needed Neosporin (knowing I keep one of the handy sprays in my purse). She was so appreciative and I knew I had made her day! I really can’t count how many times someone else’s child has gotten hurt and I’ve run to the car to grab a band-aid and antibiotic cream from the First Aid Kit in my car. It’s funny that I’ve rarely needed it for my own rough and tumble boys! But I don’t mind because I’ve always known it was there in case I needed it.

As parent it really is our job to be prepared. My husband always heckles me because I almost develop a twitch when the gas tank starts to get below ¼ tank! But I remember that gas stations were shut down (because of lack of power and safety) after the ’89 Loma Prieta Quake. I really have no interest in running out of gas and not being able to get home or pick up the kids after an Earthquake simply because I was running the car too close to empty! Whether you are a California parent or a Midwest parent, we all subject to some sort of Natural Disasters from time to time!

Don't put it off, take a couple minutes with me and grab one of these inexpensive First Aid Kits from Amazon (+ one for each car if you can!) and create a mini- action plan for your family in case we do have an Earthquake or other event. Trust me – everyone around you will appreciate you if you’re the prepared one! Also always keep atleast one flashlight (with batteries!) in the house and car.

Please share some of the things your family has done to prep, just in case...


JLC August 21, 2009 at 10:50 AM  

Water. We usually keep a couple of gallons in our pantry. You can also use the water in your toilet tank. (not the bowl!)

When we go camping, I bring a kit, but I also remember to bring some Benedryl in case of any allergic reactions.

Great reminder to all of us! Thanks!

Katie August 21, 2009 at 11:39 AM  

Yeah, that's another good reminder! In case of a serious quake, you need to be careful about drinking tap water (as I recall a notice to boil water before drinking or cooking gets sent out until they have the chance to identify any possible contamination issues!)

Benadryl... Definitely a life saver! I always keep some in my purse and my husband needed it last month because he stepped on a bee at the beach of all places! I made him take the kids Benadryl and within an hour you could barely tell he was stung! (I on the other hand have very bad bee sting allergies!)

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