Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mickey's Halloween Party is Almost Here!

We are entering my favorite time of year!  The holidays at Disneyland are magical and full of fun.  Mickey's Halloween Party at the Disneyland Resort is a family favorite of ours! 

Space Mountain has been converted to Ghost Galaxy, Haunted Mansion has been converted to the Nightmare Before Christmas, there are special Disney haunts spread out through the park and not to forget the copious trick or treat stations throughout the park - you are sure to have a fantastic time at Mickey's Halloween Party. There is a special Halloween Screams firework spectacular, dance parties, cavalcades, and your favorite villains wandering around the park!

One of my favorite recent additions to the Mickey's Halloween Party has been the healthy treat options at the trick or treat stations.  In past years we had come home with A TON of candy and it was fantastic to be able to have my children alternate healthy carrot sticks, apple slices, raisins, craisins and other healthy snacks between candy snacking!

Couple of tips:  Initially I was intimidated by the length of the lines at the first candy stations we found. But what I quickly realized was that was apparently the first station everyone went to. So if you see that line... just skip it and move on to the next! Another HUGE trick we figured out is there are two lines going in opposite directions for each station (think cars on a two lane road), so if you see a long line on one side, check the opposite direction and I bet you'll see little to no line, so flip around and come at the candy station from the other way. This is a particularly useful tip for the treat trails. Everyone ends up in the same line... so by going in the opposite direction... let's just say you save a TON of time and can get more rides in!

Mickey's Halloween Party requires a special event ticket (even if you are a passholder), but allows you access to the park for up to three hours in advance of the event beginning.  For times and days of the event (it runs September 28th through end of October).  To purchase tickets, click here.


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