Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Don't mess with my morning coffee...

I was warned, but wasn't prepared that it would occur practically overnight one random day.

I went from buying one gallon of milk a week to needing at least two in what seemed like a blink of an eye.  It all became clear last week when I went to pour a glass of milk for one of the boys as they were getting ready for bed, it was Tuesday.  I had grocery shopped on Sunday.  There was maybe about a cup of milk left in the carton.  

So I called a family meeting.  It was quick and easy, "Don't touch that last cup of milk so I can have my mocha in the morning because I don't think anyone wants me to miss my coffee.  As soon as I drop you guys off at school I will replenish it, but that last cup is mine!" 

Note:  Both boys had several large cups of milk earlier that day, including homemade chocolate milk. 

When I next looked in the refrigerator the sign stating "Reserved for Mom" had appeared on the carton.  My kids crack me up!

I think I got my point across.  Honestly I'm a little worried for the next increase in volume of milk drinking so I'm eyeing dairy cows (on the advice of my neighbor), but I'm not sure it is allowed per the CC&R's for our neighborhood...


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