Monday, January 30, 2012

What's in a mohawk?

We have decided to mow our lawn to look like a mohawk from now on.  I'm sure you think I've lost it by now.   We actually mow our own lawn (both my husband and I love put-zing in the yard on the weekends and well, my husband is a little protective of his lawn).  He's worked very hard to get it super lush green and healthy even through the winter.  (No joke, we do actually have the greenest grass in the neighborhood).  We have an electric mower and we haven't had to charge it in awhile.  Last weekend it ran out of charge while he was moving the lawn and we were left with this mohawk overnight while it recharged.

My husband has sworn me to secrecy about what his secret is to having such a lush healthy lawn in the middle of winter, even after several nights of harsh frost.  We have several neighbors trying to figure it out... and one is being very sneaky about trying to figure it out.

We've been working on cover stories to tell the neighbors who ask what the trick is.  My current favorite is saying how happy we were that we had the builder put in the septic leech system under the lawn (I can't wait to get heckled by the construction manager for that one since we certainly don't have a septic system...).  But then the lawn mower ran out of charge and now my favorite line will now be that we mow it like a mohawk for 24 hours to appease the native spirits for a healthy lawn.  

Any other good cover stories for me???


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