Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ridemakerz - Completely customize your own car

We recently had the chance to head over to Ridemakerz at Downtown Disney in Anaheim.  As I'm sure you have figured out, I'm not the dainty mom. The kids come to me when they need help passing a level at video games and my husband is the first person to admit that.  I love love love being the Mom to two wonderful boys and love building legos, racing RC cars and the other childhood fun for boys.  (Yes... I do wish that one day I would be able to venture on to the Princess rides at Disneyland or actually buy something on the Barbie aisle at Toys 'r Us).

Ridemakerz is the boy equivalent to Build a Bear Workshop.  From start to finish the kids get to pick out rims, body style, spoilers, running lights and much much more.  There are tons and tons of selections to make for a completely unique car.  I knew my kids would be in to picking out the different parts of the cars, but had no idea they would be so in to the actual building of the cars.   (Okay and a confession... there might have been a little smack talk between all of us about which car was going to be faster.)

There are selections for all types, from girls to boys, mom to dads as you can see from the variety of cars our family built.

The kids (and adults) had an amazing time customizing our cars.  

Ridemakerz has just released several exclusive Cars Movie cars, so if you have a Cars movie fan in your house, be sure to head over there so they can customize their very own car from the movie.

Want to go build one?  Father's day weekend, they are offering a BOGO offer, so fathers and sons can go get a fantastic deal on customizing your own Ridemakerz car!  For more information you can head over here.  Be on the lookout for Ridemakerz accessories at some of your favorite retailers.


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