Friday, June 17, 2011

Discount Coupon for Kids Haircuts

Kids haircuts can a fantastic experience or a nightmare.  I'll never forget my oldest son's first haircut...  I'm so thankful I had a fantastic stylist cutting his hair because he literally had to chase my son around the salon taking the snips from his hair whenever possible.  At one point he was underneath the sinks - which proved to be the easiest place to finish the haircut apparently.  Everyone was laughing hysterically (including the stylist who is a father of 4 kids!).  

My youngest has never been a fan of haircuts and to this day (at age 7) he still sits there with the look on his face of... "I can do this.  Only a little bit more.  I will survive.  Only a couple more minutes until I get my lollipop..."  It wasn't until we found Cool Cuts when my boys started to warm up to getting haircuts.  I'm not sure if it was the distraction of being able to watch some of their favorite movies of their choice or the option of playing video games, or being able to sit in the themed seats.  

We've gotten many, many haircuts for the boys at Cool Cuts and each time I knew it wouldn't be a struggle to get their hair done!

Just in time to kick off the summer, here is a fantastic $5 off coupon for new customers at Cool Cuts.  Note it expires 7/31/11.  You can also go here to download another image and search out locations for your closest Cool Cuts.


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