Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Space Shuttle Endeavour is Coming to Southern California!

NASA Johnson Space Center - Earth Sciences and Image Analysis (NASA-JSC-ES&IA)
It's official!  The California Science Museum in Los Angeles is set to receive the Space Shuttle Endeavour!!!  My kids are BEYOND excited to visit the shuttle once it arrives later this year. You may remember a recent post (click here) about our trip to the Space Museum at the California Science Museum earlier this year. 

The space shuttles are being retired and sent to various locations across the United States for display, note that the Endeavour will be the only shuttle residing here on the West Coast!

You may also remember that the shuttle has one more very important flight to take before retiring here to Southern California... it is going to take Representative Gabrielle Giffords husband - Captain Mark Kelly in to space later this month for its final journey in to space.


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