Friday, November 18, 2011

Mint Cookie Filled Parmadillo Cake - Birthday Fun!

I've started a new tradition of making fondant cakes for the kids birthdays.  Each time I try something new and try to kick it up a notch. 

Life has been absolutely crazy around here with both my husband and I working full time and trying to manage a calm household in the middle of moving, new school and everything else.  Creating an amazing cake was one thing I was determined to not let slip.  I started planning well over a month before his birthday and his request was clear - he wanted a Parmadillo Cake.  It's a character from Viva Pinata in case you weren't familiar.

My trademark filling has become the crumbled mint oreo mixed with vanilla frosting.  Add some purple fondant and a little free hand frosting decoration and there you go!  One custom birthday cake. 

I'm definitely not a professional, but the kids don't care and they LOVE being able to come up with their own cake designs.  Now if I could just find a cake to make to crumble up some of that Halloween candy we have laying around...


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