Monday, September 26, 2011

Mickey's Halloween Party - Are you going?

I know, I say it every year about this time, but I just absolutely LOVE this time of year.  To me the Halloween season kicks off my favorite time of year.  Yes, I love the summers here in Southern California, but there is just something about the chill in the air and fun that we are in for in the coming months.  Because we only have about two seasons here in Southern California, I like many turn to the subtle other cue's that the seasons are turning.  Disneyland is a magical place for our family and spending this time of year at Disneyland has built so many lasting wonderful memories for us.

A few years ago Disneyland started doing the Halloween Trick or Treating events which started at California Adventure and last year they transitioned to having Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland. It is so much fun for ALL ages, not just the little kids.  There are dance parties, crazy candy trick or treat stations (where you walkout with so much candy you can barely carry any more!) and a very special fireworks show.  Don't forget the Ghost Galaxy (aka Space Mountain with a twist) and the Halloween decked out Haunted Mansion.  Entrance requires a special event ticket (even if you are a passholder).  It's a great deal for non-passholders because you get admission in to the park for 3 hours before the event.  To find more out about tickets, dates, etc. you can go here.  Get your tickets now because it only runs during the month of October (except for the first day September 30th).

For past posts about Mickey's Trick or Treat fun you can read up here and here.  I'll post pictures from this years event once we go.      8:o)

Happy Trick or Treating!


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