Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Dinner and School Lunch Secret Weapon

This last week has been like a Perfect Storm around here.  My husband was out of the country all week on a business trip, I needed to work a 50 hour work week, I was sick and both my kids traded off being sick.  To say that I was a little overwhelmed would be a bit of an understatement.

Getting a decent meal in for the kids as well as packing a decent/healthy school lunch is challenging when you can barely think straight.  One of my fall backs is Subway sandwiches.  We'll go and buy foot long sandwiches and the kids will eat half for dinner.  The other half is perfect for the main portion in their lunches the next day.  Add a snack, water bottle and maybe a mandarin orange or apple slices and you have the perfect lunch.  A huge bonus is the kids LOVE having the sandwiches for lunch the next day - it sure beats PB & J!

So thanks Subway for helping me my sanity last week when I didn't have the extra brain power or energy to make dinner and school lunches!


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