Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Make Your Own Pizza at the Storyteller Cafe - Disneyland Resort

We recently had the chance to stop in and have a dinner at the Storyteller Cafe (inside the Grand Californian Hotel at the Disneyland Resort).  The kids were both mesmerized by being able to make their own pizza's for dinner.  

If you haven't been there yet I highly recommend it!   It's a great break from the crowds and provides a number of more elegant dishes than you find at most of the other eateries inside the parks, although the Village Haus inside Disneyland is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine for it's BLT (with applewood smoked bacon) thin crust pizza.

The kids pizzas arrive on a Mickey Mouse shaped palette for the kids to add the sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni toppings.  Once you are done, the waiter/waitress takes it back to the kitchen to finish cooking.

Check out the pepperoni topping pattern my oldest came up with...
What's your favorite place to eat at the Disneyland Resort?  Why?


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