Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Told the Shopping is Done for the Kids...

I think it started just after I had Kyle - about 6 years ago.  But somewhere along the lines my husband took over the Christmas present shopping for the boys.  I'm pretty sure it started because it was too complicated keeping track of who had bought what and whether it was even or not.

I can't believe I just admitted that.  Yes, I know pretty much what the kids are getting for the holidays, but I just learned that my husband loves to do the Christmas shopping.  I do some of the wrapping, but he does most of it for the kids.  I really am okay with it because my husband does a great job of making sure the kids get what they want and during the holidays there are a million and one things to be doing.  It's nice to not have to spend much time at the malls fighting the crowds...

A few of my close friends are probably doubling over laughing as they read this because if you knew my husband you'd understand why this is so uncharacteristic.  My husband has MANY times over the more than decade we have been married asked if I really wanted a card for my Birthday.  And well, if I wanted a present, let's just not go there.  Birthdays and most holidays just aren't his thing, Christmas is. 

About a month ago he had the boys fill out their Christmas lists and within days he was busily scoping out the sales and comparing prices at Amazon, Toys R Us and Target.  He is super diligent to be sure the presents are equal between the two boys and much to my chagrin spends more than I think we should be spending on the presents.  But I've learned not to complain because I don't have to do the shopping, I just have to focus on filling the stockings.

Am I the only one?


Tamara M,  December 17, 2009 at 11:49 PM  

Yes - not something I expected knowing you guys personally! Even after 27 years of knowing you I can learn something new about your life.

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