Saturday, September 26, 2009

Party Favor Time!

As I sit here basking in the glory of twenty four finished party favors for Kyle's 6th Birthday party... I am part proud and part embarrassed. As I am sure you may have already noticed from the picture (see below)... We get far too much pop corn in the souvenir buckets from Disneyland! ($5.50 each x 24 ... Let's just not go there!)

It's become a bit of a tradition to collect the souvenir buckets throughout the year and use them for party favor containers. It's cool, it's fun and always a conversation starter! My biggest headache each time us figuring out how to fill the buckets with enough favors so that they don't look empty yet not break the bank when filling 24 of them and to not fill them with those cheap plastic toys that I despise!

This time I am rather proud of what I've fillem them with! I've only spent a couple if dollars on each one!

The enclosures this time are:
-1 coloring/activity book ($6 for 24 at the party store)
-1 mini tootsie pop ($2 for 30 at the party store)
-1 pretzle bag ($3.99 for 30 at Target- Halloween special)
-1 colored plastic frog ($6 for 24 at the party store)
-1 goldfish cracker bag ($9 for 24 from grocery store)
-1 pencil ($4 for 30 at the party store)

The expression of excitement on Kyle's face when he saw them all... Priceless!

Feeling a little like SuperMom at this point and LOVIN' that!!!

What things have you done for your kids parties that make you feel like the most awesome Mom around?


Suz Broughton September 27, 2009 at 9:57 AM  

Cute! Good job, Mom.
Hey, I finally got around to posting about BLogCrush

I have my tech person looking into the code problem with my button. Thanks!

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