Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cupcake Debacle

I expected a million things to fall apart yesterday as I prepped for Kyle's party, but I can honestly say that as I walked in to our local Albertson's to pick up the order I placed (in person) for 40 green cupcakes earlier this week, was one if the last things I expected to be screwed up!

They couldn't even find my order slip! The woman remembered taking my order but couldn't find it. (Note to people re: customer service... When your coworker remembers taking the order and the customer has already said they placed the order in person, please don't butt in and say "Are you sure you didn't order at another Albertsons?" Chances are the customer is already annoyed that their custom order is MIA and I can tell you that comment won't gain you any bonus points.)

Major kudos to the manager for the totally unexpected 50% discount on my cupcakes after a 15 minute wait for them to quickly get my green cupcake order put together (thank heaven it wasn't a custom elaborate cake order!). In this economy customer service will make or break a retail store and in a close knit community like the one we live in, people WILL talk and mistakes can make or break a bottom line. This manager did shock me by solving the situation in the way he did. Little did he know I would be blogging about it! Shhhhhh. :)

Anyway, my green cupcakes have now been transformed in to Dinosaur cupcakes (thanks to the small inexpensive dinosaurs from the party store - $6 for 24) and Kyle now has custom cupcakes for a very inexpensive price!

Lessons learned:
-Don't worry about being a pest... Just call the bakery the night before to ensure you are on track for the proper pick-up time!

-When life hands you lemons... Take a really deep breath to clear your mind and figure out how to turn in to lemonade!

What speed bumps have you run in to with kids birthday parties and how did you turn them around?


Colleen Lanin at Travel Mamas September 30, 2009 at 2:09 PM  

Love the cupcake tower! Cute idea for a birthday party!

Hula Hooping Mom October 1, 2009 at 11:45 AM  

LOL!! They did that to me too once! They totally screwed up on our birthday order and it was the day of the party! They gave us the order half off - gave us another whole cake free and a free tub of ice cream!

Loving the cupcakes - so cute!

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