Friday, February 17, 2012

Two Words: Thin Mints

Two words: Thin Mints. 

I bet from those two words you know who makes them, what time of year they are available and can probably name at least one current Girl Scout selling them right now.  In case you don't have a resident Girl Scout, you can rest assured that they will now be selling outside your local grocery stores starting today! (I'm thinking this year of stocking up on the Thin Mints to crumble up and put in with frosting in the middle of Birthday Cakes...).

Over the years the Girl Scouts have done a tremendous job of helping girls learn leadership skills among many other valuable skills to grow up to be confident sucessful women.  Every box of cookies sold helps them attain these goals.  Want to support the Girl Scouts but don't want to add more cookies in your household?  Donate them to the Military!  Troops absolutely love them!  Talk to your local Girl Scout about specifics.

Be sure to become a fan of OCMomActivities on Facebook because I have several boxes of Girl Scout cookies to give away on the fan page over the weekend for the first people to correctly answer Girl Scout trivia!

To locate a Girl Scout selling cookies near you or more information about the cookie program in Orange County you can go here.


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