Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Peter Pan is a Must See!

Peter Pan Illustration by Steve Rawlings, Design by Feast Creative
The theater has always been a huge part of my life actually you could probably call it genetic.  It goes back to my Grandmother who wrote radio soap operas and hung out with the Broadway elite.   So I was beyond excited when the Orange County Performing Arts Center invited us out to view Peter Pan last weekend.  There really aren't words to describe how amazing this was, I have never seen a performance like this!
Peter Pan (c) Kevin Berne

Step aside from the fact that the entire show is in a large pavilion tent and that the audience wraps around the stage, one of the things that set this show far apart from any other is 360 degree CGI theater screen that immerses the audience in the scene.  Let's just say I saw more than just one member of the audience holding on to their seat as the flight scene to Neverland began!  It felt like the entire tent had picked up off the ground and was flying alongside the cast.
Flight to Neverland (c) Kevin Berne
Both my boys were enthralled with the show and have been talking about it non-stop ever since.  I wasn't sure if they would both love it, but they definitely had an amazing time.

After the show the boys and I compared notes and we all agreed that Tinker Bell was our favorite character. She's not the normal Tinkerbell you see in Disney movies, this one is full of spunk and is certainly not afraid to speak her mind.  She has an opinion and is full of hilarious commentary throughout the show (verbal and non-verbal).

Peter Pan began thrilling audiences in May 29, 2009 in London and the US premier was back on April 27th, 2010 at Ferry Park in the Embarcadero in San Francisco.  The Orange County Performing Arts Center will be its only stop in the Los Angeles area.  Performances are every night (except Mondays) through November 21. For Ticket information you can go here or call 714.556.2746.  Tickets range in price from $30 - $75 for premium seating.  It's well worth the evening!


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