Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Organic Garden Solution for Bugs

I was organic gardening before it was popular, but I had no idea.  Growing up, my mom was constantly tending to her multiple compost piles and elaborate garden.  I'll never forget the one day we got a panicked call from the neighbors saying the compost pile was smoking and appeared to be about to catch fire!  It wasn't, but it was working so well that smoke was coming up from it!

Needless to say with my my mother's constant supply of fresh compost and tender loving care - the garden flourished.  I learned at a very early age that a healthy garden was not one full of pesticides.  Turning to pesticides was a last resort.  Setting up a garden (veggie or fruit in particular) needs to have the right balance. 

My mom and I had planted an elaborate rose garden one year and I remember there was an infestation of bugs.  My mom didn't make a made dash for pesticides, instead we stocked up on lady bugs!  Lady bugs eat smaller bugs and are an inexpensive and non toxic way to eliminate bugs FAST. 

So when my newly planted lime tree was infested with black bugs I made a mad dash to the local nursery to buy a canister of live lady bugs!  At a cost of about $8 (for 1500 live lady bugs!) it was a great solution and talk about an organic approach!  And not to mention the endless fun my boys had as lady bugs filled the yard and needed rescuing from puddles, etc.

Within 24 hours (literally) the massively infested lime tree was completely clean of the black bugs!

What tips and tricks do you have for finding the natural balance in your garden without turning to chemicals?


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